Great News:

AVMA’s Policy on Raw Food Diets

At the AVMA Annual Convention in San Diego this past weekend, their House of Delegates approved a policy that discourages the feeding of a raw meat diet to dogs and and cat

The policy was passed with revisions. One revision was that the original wording of “Never feed inadequately treated animal-source protein to cats and dogs” be changed to “Avoid feeding inadequately treated animal-source protein to cats and dogs.”

Another revision to the policy included the removal of a paragraph that read “The AVMA recognizes that some people prefer to feed raw or undercooked animal-source protein to their pets. The AVMA recommends that veterinarians inform pet owners of potential risks and educate them on how to best mitigate the risk of pathogen exposure in both handling the food and in managing pets consuming undercooked or raw animal-source protein diets.”

One delegate argued that the above statement would be similar to a doctor warning a patient not to smoke but then saying that if the patient was going to smoke anyway the recommendation would be to use filtered cigarettes and reduce the number smoked daily.

The amended policy was passed with over 90% voting in favor.

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