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Cat Safety: Is This Man Foolish or Fantastic?

Every cat parent has individual ideas when it comes to what he or she feels is best for cats. There have been many debates (and many more yet to come) regarding hot button topics. We each have our own opinions but with some topics, it’s difficult to watch a cat parent make an uninformed decision that can have a tragic outcome. When it comes to cat safety, many of us become very vocal. That’s why I wanted to bring this video to your attention. It was posted on YouTube and has received lots of attention for how cute and impressive it is that this man has trained his cat to perch on his shoulders while he rides his bike through the busy Philadelphia streets.


Regardless of whether you can make a case for the fact that the cat doesn’t look totally in panic (although there are clear body language signs where the cat attempts to retreat), what this man is engaging in is extremely dangerous to the cat, himself and to the drivers around him.

A large bump in the road, a horn honking, a sudden serve or an actual accident could send this cat into traffic and certain death. There are also, as you know, enough cat haters in the world who would find it very entertaining to try to startle the cat by honking horns, shouting or coming too close to the bike rider.

I am always nervous when I see dogs riding in the back of pick-up trucks but seeing this cat on the shoulders of the bike rider has now set a new low.

Is what this man did really a reflection of the bond he shares with his cat or is it that he’s comfortable risking the life of this precious animal in order to get attention?

What’s your opinion of the video?

Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett

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  1. My opinion is that having the cat ride unprotected and restrained is not a wise choice of this pet owner. This irresponsible behavior puts the cat’s life at high risk for injury or death. While he has the right to enjoy the company of his pet, he also has the responsibility to take care for the cat as well.