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Social Interaction

Why Does My Cat Lick Me So Much?

cat muzzle with tongue out

Oh, the cat’s tongue. It’s as cute as can be when it’s peeking out just a bit from the cat’s mouth as she drinks water or delicately grooms herself. It’s small and pink and so adorable. Yet, when that little tongue starts licking you, that little sandblaster seems as if it could take off several layers of skin. Licking serves many social and practical functions. It’s how cats remove meat from bones and also how they maintain their coats. Licking removes the scent of prey after a meal, it’s how ...

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Your Cat’s Personal Space: Why it Matters

Your cat's personal space: why it matters

When it comes to our own personal space, we tend to feel most comfortable when the ability to choose how much we need is in our own control. It’s much more comfortable, for example, when we enter a waiting room that isn’t crowded so we can choose where to sit and how far away we want to be from other people. Isn’t it nice to get on a subway or elevator that isn’t crowded? Having to squeeze into a crowded place can create discomfort, and for many people, anxiety as ...

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Are My Cats Playing or Fighting?

are my cats playing or fighting?

Playtime is an important part of cat life. It’s something that benefits cats, starting in kittenhood and extending all the way through the geriatric years. The way a cat plays as she ages may change but the desire to play should hopefully remain throughout a cat’s life.   If you live with more than one cat, hopefully, they have a good relationship and spend time playing together. If your cats are kittens, that playtime is also used as a tool for them to learn how gently to bite in order ...

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Pick Toys That Match Your Cat’s Play Style Preference

pick toys that match your cat's play style preference

In last week’s article I covered tips on choosing the right toy for your cat. Several factors go into making that decision such as your cat’s general personality, mobility, texture preferences, size, shape and sound preferences. That article can be accessed by clicking the following link: Choosing the Right Toys for Your Cat This week, let’s talk more in-depth about play techniques and how a cat’s hunting preference (even if the cat doesn’t go out to actually hunt) can influence the success or failure of a particular toy. Get to Know Your Cat’s ...

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Your Cat’s Tail: What it Says About Her Mood

your cat's tail: what it says about her mood

Your cat’s tail serves many functions aside from tickling your nose when she walks across your computer keyboard as you try to work or blocking the view as you attempt to read texts on your phone. One important function is that the tail contributes to the cat’s sense of balance. It serves as a natural counterweight for those abrupt turns during high speeds and also keeps the cat balanced when walking on narrow branches or walkways.   The cat’s tail is also quite an effective communication device. The tail’s position ...

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9 Things You Can Do to Help Your Cat Love You More

9 things you can do to help your cat love you more

When you bring your new cat home I’m sure you have a picture of what life will be like with that furry family member. For most people that dream includes companionship, affection, playtime and fun. All-too-often though, some people expect the cat to be the one to do all the work. It comes from the misconception that cats are low maintenance and that they come pre-trained. Many cats end up in shelters because people misunderstand the motivation behind behaviors or they never really understood what cats need in the first ...

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Seven Tips for Turning Your Cat into a Lap Cat

7 tips for turning your cat into a lap cat

One question I’m commonly asked about is whether it’s possible to turn a reluctant cat into a lap cat. Many people have visions of sitting in a comfy chair by the fire with a sleeping kitty curled up on their lap. Are some cats born to be lap cats and others aren’t? Well, there is something to be said for genetics and kittens of friendly, social feline parents may be more inclined to view a person’s lap as a welcoming place. Additionally, kittens raised by friendly mother cats tend to ...

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Signs of Stress in Cats

signs of stress in cats

Please note that Pam is unable to answer questions posted in the comment section. If you have a question about your cat’s behavior, you can find information in the articles on our website as well as in Pam’s books. If you have a question regarding your cat’s health, please contact your veterinarian. 

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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

why do cats sleep so much?

Cats have the reputation for being aloof, and although it’s not an accurate assessment, some of that interpretation comes from the fact that cats are known for sleeping much of the day. Some people even label cats as lazy because sleeping takes up about two-thirds of their lives. Referring to cats as lazy is about as far from the truth as you can get. For people who don’t like cats or aren’t familiar with them, it may seem as if cats don’t “do” anything and just rely on humans to ...

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