Pet Sitter or Boarding Kennel? Which One is Right for Your Cat?

cat sitting on suitcase

We’re coming into that time of year when people start making their holiday travel plans. Whether it’s that eight-hour drive to spend Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house,  or the flight planned in order to spend Christmas back home with your parents, you’ll also need to make arrangements for your cat. For some people, kitty will go where they go and for others, reservations are made at the local boarding facility. If your cat could make the choice though, I’d bet she’d prefer to stay in her own home while you go ...

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8 Tips for Safe Car Travel With Your Cat

safe car travel with your cat

Are you planning a road trip? Here’s an even bigger question… are you planning on taking your cat with you? For many cat parents, bringing kitty along on out-of-town trips is sometimes the only option. If that’s the case with you, here are some tips to help make the travel experience safer and a little less stressful. 1. Take the time to get your cat used to being in a carrier Leave the carrier out and start conditioning your cat to become comfortable going in and out as well as ...

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Don’t Leave Pets in Parked Cars

cat in carrier

If you’re traveling with your pet, please remember that temperatures inside a parked car will skyrocket in mere moments. Even a car that’s parked in the shade will create dangerously unsafe temperature conditions for any animal locked inside. Leaving your cat or dog in a car while you run into the store for a few moments can put your pet at serious risk for hyperthermia and death. Every summer we hear very tragic stories in the news about animals who suffer heat stroke or even die from being left in ...

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Choosing the Right Carrier Size for Your Cat

When shopping for a carrier for your cat, you may be tempted to think bigger is better. You might feel it would be far more comfortable for your cat to be able to stretch out during travel. Larger Isn’t Necessarily Better When it Comes to Cat Carriers Actually, it’s not a comforting feeling for your cat to be placed in a carrier too large for her. Cats prefer to feel their backs up against something and that creates a feeling of security. When you look at a frightened cat in ...

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Moving to a New Home With Your Cat

Cats don’t like change. They’re also territorial so imagine how they must feel when they suddenly find themselves in a totally unfamiliar location. Heck, moving is stressful for humans so you can certainly understand how unhappy the whole thing makes the family cat. Even though a certain amount of stress will undoubtedly be involved with a move to a new home, there are things you can do to make the transition a little easier on the cat (and ultimately on you). Prepare Your Cat in Advance If your cat doesn’t like ...

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Help Your Cat Adjust to a Carrier

Do you have one of those cats who always knows when you’re planning a trip to the veterinarian’s office? Perhaps your cat even knows before you’ve taken the carrier down from the shelf? Before you have a chance to get the carrier off the shelf kitty has taken up residence under the bed. Is your cat psychic? If You’re Nervous it Makes Your Cat Nervous In reality, your cat is actually picking up on very subtle signals from you. Your cat has highly-developed senses and he knows when you’re not ...

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