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Why Does My Cat Kick so Much Litter Out of the Litter Box?

close up of cat paws

  You may live with a cat whose litter box habits are nothing short of spectacular, where not one particle of litter makes its way out of the box. Maybe you’re not so lucky though. Perhaps your cat sends mounds of litter out of the box and onto the floor where you manage to step on it every time you walk by. He may kick so enthusiastically that litter shoots halfway across the room. Why do some cats do that and is there anything you can do to discourage this ...

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Litter Box Monitoring

Scooping the litter box on a daily basis (actually, twice daily is better) is not only important for keeping the box clean and your cat happy – it’s a valuable diagnostic tool. Too many cat parents are missing this valuable opportunity to catch potential medical problems in the early stages because they’re not keeping up with a regular scooping schedule or the schedule is far from adequate.   Time to be a Detective When it Comes to Your Cat’s Health What does or doesn’t happen in the litter box can ...

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How to Clean Cat Urine Stains and Odors

cat relaxing in cat tree

Because cat urine has an unmistakable odor, you would think that it would be easy to clean up, but if your cat has found some discreet locations to eliminate then you may not be aware of the problem until he has gone back to that spot repeatedly to urinate. By that time, the urine will have soaked through carpeting and gone down to the carpet pad and even beyond. So it’s very important to first locate all the soiled areas so you can do a thorough clean-up. Locate All Soiled ...

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How often should you scoop the litter box?

how often should you scoop the litter box?

For many people, the idea of setting up a cat’s litter box is pretty basic. After all, isn’t it just a plastic box that you fill with whatever litter is the least expensive and then place the box in some corner where it won’t be seen? The cat should start using the box any minute, right? Oh, if only it could be that simple! In reality, your cat’s relationship with that little plastic box and the litter that’s in it is more complex than you realize. There are numerous reasons ...

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No More Stinky Litter Boxes!

In print and TV advertisements we’re bombarded by countless manufacturers claiming their products can reduce or eliminate litter box odors. Everyone claims to have the latest and greatest product to end the dreaded stinky litter box. Whether it’s something you sprinkle into the litter, spray in the box, or add to your cat’s food, companies are working overtime to limit the odor associated with what comes out of kitty’s south end. You’ll also find litter box configurations designed to self-clean. There are boxes that rake the litter, wash the litter, ...

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