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Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

creature peeking from a box

Listen to the audio version of this article When I talk to some people about how stress affects their cats, I sometimes get very strange looks. Back in 1982 when I first started my cat behavior consulting business, the idea of stress in cats was pretty much unheard of. I even remember being laughed at when my first book came out in 1990. Cats experiencing stress? What nonsense! These days, the veterinary world is doing more and more to educate clients about stress in cats and veterinarians work hard to ...

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Why Your Cats May Not be Getting Along

Hissing cat

Listen to the audio version of this article Have you ever wondered why your two cats don’t get along and yet your neighbor’s four cats all live in harmony? Many cat parents live in households with more than one cat and there are no issues, but for others, tension is ongoing. What causes some cats to simply not get along? And, could you be missing some subtle signs that indicate all is not peaceful between your cats? There’s a very long list of reasons why the cats in your home ...

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Some Common Reasons Why Cats Stop Using the Litter Box

some common reasons why cats stop using the litter box

Listen to the audio version of this article When your cat stops using the litter box it’s frustrating and stressful for both cat and cat parent. It’s also, sadly, one of the most common reasons that a cat may get a one-way ticket to the nearest shelter. There are many reasons why a cat may avoid the litter box and it’s important to figure out the true cause in order to get everything back on track. Inappropriate elimination shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when it comes to whether kitty gets to ...

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The “Must-Have” Checklist for Solving Your Cat’s Behavior Problem

ginger, longhaired cat

Listen to the audio version of this article Nobody adopts, rescues or purchases a cat with the hope the new pet will develop behavior problems. The dream you have of life with your new cat involves one of companionship, good behavior and many long years together. Unfortunately though, things can go wrong for a variety of reasons and you may find yourself living with a cat who has now developed one or more unwanted behaviors. It’s frustrating, to say the least, for everyone concerned – most especially the cat. If ...

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The Squirt Bottle Controversy

spray bottle

Listen to the audio version of this article It looks innocent enough. It’s a little plastic squirt bottle sitting on the kitchen counter. In that plastic bottle is plain tap water. That little plastic bottle, as innocent as it looks, has become the tool that is destroying the bond you share with your cat. The reason? You’re using the squirt bottle to deter your cat from engaging in any number of behaviors you deem inappropriate or unwanted. It’s an Ineffective Tool for Training Your Cat The squirt bottle deterrent, in many ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Pet Your Cat’s Belly

playful kitten on his back

Listen to the audio version of this article With a dog, a popular position for petting is often the belly rub. To most dogs, nothing feels as enjoyable as when you endlessly scratch and rub that tender tummy. Try that with a cat, however, and you’ll most likely end up with a scratched hand. Why is it that a cat doesn’t enjoy a good belly rub? Predator and Prey A cat is an incredible predator but she’s small enough that she’s also prey. That’s a heck of a lot of pressure ...

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Teach Your Kitten to Enjoy Being Touched

kitten peeking out from barn

Listen to the audio version of this article You’ve just brought a new kitten home to the family. Although it’s loads of fun to watch this revved up little being run, tumble and explore everything, you need to start the training process right away. Many cat parents are good at kitten-proofing the home, teaching kitty where the food and litter are, etc., but one area where people don’t plan ahead is teaching the youngster to accept being touched. Looking at your healthy, active, fun-loving kitten, it’s hard to picture a ...

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Why Do Cats Chatter?

Listen to the audio version of this article You’re probably very familiar with the sight of your cat sitting at the window and watching the birds outdoors. Your cat’s tail may begin lashing from side to side and he may even crouch down at the window, almost as if he’s going to spring through the glass and pounce on the unsuspecting bluejay. It’s then that you hear that sound – the little chattering noise that comes from your cat. It looks and sounds as though your cat is talking to ...

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Sharing Resources in a Multicat Home

Listen to the audio version of this article When you have a multicat household, everyone may get along famously or you may have some issues ranging from mild, occasional squabbles to full-time turf wars. Since cats are territorial, you can help ease much of the multicat stress by making sure there are adequate resources available for everyone. Resources in a Multicat Home By resources, I’m referring to food, water, litter box, resting areas, toys and scratching locations. These are all the things your cat needs but depending upon the dynamics ...

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Exercise Your Cat’s Mind During Playtime

exercise your cat's mind during playtime

Listen to the audio version of this article When you think of playtime for your cat, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a fun way to get some exercise. Playtime is an important part of your cat’s daily health because he is a predator and was born to move. Those muscles do need to be worked and stretched and what better way to do that than through a stimulating play session? Playtime serves another very vital function though and it’s one that is easy to overlook: ...

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