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Finding Qualified, Professional Help for Your Cat’s Behavior Problem

hissing cat

Cat whisperer. I get called this on a daily basis. Am I a cat whisperer? Is anyone in this field a whisperer? Absolutely not. Ever since Cesar Millan hit the TV screen with his popular show, The Dog Whisperer, so many people now claim to have the special talent that enables them to figure out the feline mind (or the rabbit, frog, gerbil or ferret mind for that matter). The problem is that in this unregulated field anyone can claim to be a cat expert, cat whisperer, cat therapist, cat ...

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Keeping High Standards In the Cat Behavior Profession

When your cat is displaying a behavior problem it’s a very stressful situation for the entire family. The human family members are impacted by whatever issue the family cat is going through. I’ve seen cases where the cat’s behavior problem has caused serious tension between spouses. Cat parents can be brought to tears over the frustration of not knowing where to turn for help when kitty veers from the norm.   When it comes to being a professional in the cat behavior field, just because some people have had cats all ...

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