Stop Your Cat From Biting Your Ankles

Listen to the audio version of this article Does this describe your home? You get up out of bed and start walking to the bathroom, only to have your ankles become the target of a cat attack. Does your cat hide under the bed until the moment when she sees your bare feet hit the floor and then she sinks her teeth or claws into your flesh? Perhaps your cat waits around the corner for that moment when you walk down the hallway and then she launches into a perfectly ...

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Five Steps for Correcting Petting-Induced Aggression in Cats

cat hissing

Listen to the audio version of this article I’m getting more and more calls from cat parents who are confused about why they’re getting bitten when petting their cats. Things start out just fine and then suddenly, without warning, the cat turns around and lashes out with teeth or claws. In many cases the behavior being displayed is called petting-induced aggression. It seems to come out of nowhere from the cat parent’s point of view. A quiet session of petting and affection suddenly turns violent as the cat sinks his ...

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What to do when your cat bites you during playtime

Fingers Aren’t Toys When Playing With Your Cat The first rule is to never use your fingers as toys. Even if your cat doesn’t bite hard it sends a mixed message that chomping down on flesh is acceptable. Use only fishing pole-type toys so that there’ll be a safe distance between your fingers and your cat’s teeth. Even small toys aren’t good for interactive playtime because your cat can easily get too excited and lose track of where the toy leaves off and the skin begins. Safe those fuzzy little ...

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