1. What book do you suggest for giving my client’s for the loss of their cat? I see many on Amazon but was not sure if you had written anything.

  2. Hi
    I live in the UK. Where can I get Pam’s books.
    Many thanks


  3. We have a stray cat who brought on her one week old kittens into my mom’s bedroom closet..they are now outside the closet .we have bedding and toys for them..and had to make a barricade of boxes and whatever we could find to keep them contained until we can find something that’s better like a playpen please suggest what to look for I purchased one and it’s way too high and the mother cat needs access in and out of it she’s an indoor outdoor cat and we’re a little frustrated as did little kittens are getting very adventurous and then you finding ways to get out we are concerned for the safety and also when do you start giving them a small litter box please advise what do I look for as far as a playpen area I purchase something online on order and it looks like a playpen 10th and I also purchased an exercise gate or offense and brought it home and it’s way too high and not doable for the mother cat to get in and out of while we’re not home and keep the kittens contained please help with your advice and we do plan on adopting two and finding homes for the other three they are four weeks old and we just need some guidance thank you

  4. My kitten poops in the litterbox…then she takes her poop out onto the floor and plays with it,and we find it(with cat litter still attatched to it all over the room! My son wants to get rid of her..I wanna fix the problem….PLEASE HELP!

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