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Pam’s “Think Like a Cat” method

If you want to learn from the best, here’s the book that contains Pam’s Think Like a Cat training method. She’s the one who started everyone thinking differently about cat behavior and training.

“Ms. Johnson-Bennett paved the way for all of us. And as a result, she has saved countless cats’ lives. Her work mertis a lifetime achievement award.” — Steve Dale, syndicated columnist, host of “Pet Central” and contributing editor, USA Weekend

“Johnson-Bennett authors arguably the most popular library of cat books… Johnson-Bennett is a pioneer in the field…” — Winn Feline Foundation

Think Like a Cat is considered the cat bible and well regarded by behavior professionals, veterinarians, shelters and pet owners.” —

Think Like a Cat is perhaps the most authoritative book on cat behavior. Written by Pam Johnson-Bennett the leading expert in the cat behavior field.” —

“Every cat owner should have at least one book by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Others write about cat behavior, but no one else includes the same common-sense advice, clear information and comprehensive range of issues.” — The Oregonian

“Johnson-Bennett is the best selling cat book author on the planet, a cat behavior consultant and pioneer in the field.” — Chicago Now

“I really like this author. Her books are easy to read. With practical advice on how to solve problems, all of her books come highly recommended.” — Cat World

“…one has to be impressed with her insight into the feline world. Pam proves over and over again that a cat’s bad habits can be changed.” — Foreword

Books by Pam Johnson-Bennett