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Why Your Cat Always Sits on the Paper You’re Reading

Does it always seem as if your cat insists on lounging on whatever paper or magazine you’re reading? Do you get up to go get a drink of water and come back to find your cat spread out on the newspaper? Is your cat just showing an interest in the same reading material that you do? Not quite, but as baffling as this behavior may seem, there is a simple explanation.

Cats Pay Attention

Your cat has incredible senses and can easily figure out where your focus is directed. He sees you staring at a paper and all your attention is directed at that object so he assumesif he sits on it he will then be in the center of your attention.

There are also the times when there’s a piece of paper on the table or floor that isn’t the focus on anyone’s attention but the cat still sits there. The reason some cats may lounge on any unattended paper is that they try to be perched on a higher object – even if that object is merely a piece of paper on a desk.

So there isn’t any real mystery to the behavior. It’s often just a cat saying “pay attention to me.” Because we typically respond to this behavior by either petting the cat, shooing him away or just talking to him, we actually reward the behavior so it gets repeated.

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