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15 Boredom Busting Tips For Your Home Alone Cat

When it comes to solo toys, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a filled toy basket is all that’s needed. From your cat’s perspective that’s just a pile of already killed prey. You need to add a little life into those toys (not literally, don’t worry). Strategically place toys around the house so they’ll spark interest from your cat. For example, place a furry mouse on the cat tree with its tail dangling down, or maybe put a toy inside an open paper bag for your cat to discover.

cat playing with a toy

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You don’t have to have a large amount of toys to keep your cat happy. Rotate toys every week to re-ignite interest.

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5. Cats Love to Climb

Cats love being on elevated locations and they also love the process of getting there by climbing or jumping. Create safe climbing options for your cat by having a sturdy cat tree. It may seem like a costly expense but a well-made, sturdy tree should last your cat’s lifetime. Make sure the tree’s perches are large and comfortable. Typically, “u” shaped perches are best because they allow the cat to feel more secure.

Other climbing/perching options can be created by installing sturdy window perches or cat shelving. You can even create cat walkways. Just make sure everything you purchase or create is sturdy, safe and comfortable.

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6. Window Views

Speaking of climbing, one of the reasons cast love elevated locations is because of the view. Place cat trees near windows for your cat’s viewing pleasure. Even a bed placed on a piece of furniture will do so your cat can watch the outdoor activity. Place a bird feeder outside to create more entertainment.

black cat looking out window

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7. Let the Sun Shine in

Cats love to sun bathe. Another benefit of a cat tree or window perch is that can be a comfy place to nap in the sun. If there are windows that allow for a long beam of sunlight to fill the room, make sure you keep that curtain open so your cat can stretch out on the carpet or floor and enjoy a sun-filled nap.