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15 Boredom Busting Tips For Your Home Alone Cat

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11. Have a Catnip Party

Set out a little dried catnip twice a week so your cat can enjoy a little catnip party. You can just leave it loose on something like a paper plate or you can rub a couple toys with the dried leaves. I typically leave a few toys “marinating” in a container of dried catnip and then offer that to my cat.

Although catnip is safe for cats, don’t offer it more than twice a week because if constantly exposed to the herb, cats can become immune to its effects.

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12. Have a Pet Sitter or Neighbor Visit

If you spend very long hours away from work or if there are a few days coming up where you know you’ll be delayed, consider having a pet sitter or trusted neighbor come in to care for your cat or offer a little mid-day playtime. Maybe there’s a teenager in the neighborhood who would like to earn a little extra money by visiting your cat every afternoon. Just be sure the person is someone your cat likes so the experience of having someone in the home doesn’t add anxiety.

13. Bring in Some of the Outdoors

There are so many interesting scents and textures outdoors and there are a few ways you can bring those indoors so your cat can enjoy them without the danger of being outside. In the Fall, bring in a few dried leaves for your cat to play with. The lightness and crunch of the leaves may make them appealing toys. Bird feathers found on the ground could be brought indoors for playtime as well. If you don’t use any weed killers or pesticides on your grass you could snip a few blades for your cat to munch on. The other option is to get a container of kitty greens from your local pet product store and grow a patch of grass indoors.

For added scratching fun, bring in a small log (as long as you don’t mind the mess from the bark). Don’t bring in a log though unless you know for sure that other animals have not peed on it.