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15 Things Cat Parents Have in Common

Photo: Pexels

4. We Know Every Petting Sweet Spot and More Importantly, Every Danger Zone

Not all cats enjoy being petted but we know how, when and where our own cats enjoy it. There’s usually one spot that, when petted, brings on purrs of joy and total relaxation. We know where it is and even though our cats may enjoy being petted by other people, we take pride in the fact that we do it the best. We also know to stay away from those areas that elicit hisses, swats, growls or bites.

5. We Love Cat Kisses

People who aren’t familiar with cats may think a cat kiss is when a cat licks but we know better, don’t we? We know about those special cat kisses that are subtle and easy to miss. Cats can kiss by giving a slow blink with their eyes. As cat lovers, we know the difference between a normal eye blink and the slow cat kiss blink. The cat kiss tells us kitty is comfortable and relaxed. It’s an affectionate gesture that can be displayed when the cat is nearby or even across the room. After receiving a cat kiss, many of us have returned the gesture with a slow blink of our own.

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6. We’ve Stepped on Wet Hairballs with Bare Feet at Night

Oh yes, I’m talking about hairballs. We keep our cats groomed and do all we can to reduce the number of hairballs from our cats. Inevitably though, we’ve gotten up in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip or drink of water and stepped on that freshly deposited, soggy hairball.

7. We Know Cats Love the Box More Than the Gift That Came in it

Whether it’s an expensive bed, or any other cat-related gift, we never throw out the box because that’s what a cat knows is the real prize. Holidays and birthdays become a feline wonderland as our cats explore and play with every box, bag, and piece of wrapping paper. New cat parents may initially feel insulted when the cat ignores the expensive cat bed but those of us who have lived with cats for a while know and accept the well-established feline rules of gift-giving. We appreciate the value of a good box.