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15 Things Cat Parents Have in Common

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8. We Don’t Leave Objects on the Edge of the Table

We know the rules. Cats love to test the laws of gravity. If it’s on the edge of the table then it’s fair game to be knocked off onto the floor. It can be a cell phone, glass of water, pen, set of keys or even a paperclip, but if it’s on the edge, it’s going over. Knocking things off the table is a favorite cat hobby and after having cleaned up a spilled drink, we quickly got smarter about where we leave our things.


9. When There’s a Cat on our Lap We Can Stay Still for Hours

It doesn’t matter if we’re uncomfortable, are late for something or need to take a bathroom break, we won’t disturb the cat. When kitty curls up and falls asleep on us we become a piece of furniture regardless of how full our bladders may be.

10. We Have no Privacy

We can’t take a shower, a bath or go to the bathroom without a small audience. If we try to close the door we know we’ll immediately see paws reaching underneath or hear the pitiful meows of a cat who needs to know what we’re doing at all times.

11. We Know All the Special Hiding Places

When it’s time to do a cat count or cat check before we leave the house, we know right where to look. When we were new at living with cats, we panicked when we couldn’t find every kitty but as time went on, we became very familiar with each cat’s favorite little hideaway.


12. We Have Countless Nicknames for our Cats

Oh yes, our cats have official names but we rarely use them or we have modified them as expressions of our affection. We have a long list of special names for our cats that may or may not make sense to others but they sure make perfect sense to us. The names may be a reflection of a cat’s appearance, personality, behavior, or simply an expression of our love and sometimes our frustration. For some of us, we probably haven’t called our cats by their original names in years.

13. Things we Bring into the Home Must Pass Cat Inspection

Whether it’s the new chair just delivered, or a guest’s coat tossed over the arm of a sofa, the cat must inspect every inch of it. The investigation always includes sniffing but may also involve sitting on the object, pawing at it, rubbing against it and maybe even falling asleep on it. All of this is part of how a cat decides if the new object is an acceptable addition to the territory.

14. Our Phones are Filled with Cat Pictures

The cat pictures on our phones usually outnumber our human family photos. Other people may think many of our cat photos look exactly the same but we know the subtle differences between each one. For many of us, kitty is pictured on the lock screen and home screen as well. We can never have enough cat pictures and we’re more than willing to share them with anyone.