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8 Tips for Easing Tension Between Cats

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Resource placement relates to other things as well. Cat trees, scratching posts, perches and cat beds matter to the cats. If the only cat tree in a multicat home is located in a room controlled by a particular cat, then consider adding another tree or some window perches in other areas. One of the keys to peaceful co-existence in the cat world is the availability of resources. Don’t put your cats in a position where they must bully, defend or be in fear when it comes to eating, sleeping, scratching on the scratching post and using the litter box.BUY NOW


3. When Introducing a New Cat, Do it the Right Way

Whether you’re introducing a second cat or adding to an already established multicat family, take the time to do a gradual, positive intro. It’s not about getting the newcomer into the family in record time; it’s about going at a pace that minimizes stress, fear and worries of threat. Keep in mind the newcomer is coming into totally unfamiliar territory and must get to know people and animals he has never met before. Nothing smells like him, he doesn’t recognize anything and he has to worry about whether he’s going to be under attack. For the resident cats, there’s an intruder in the home who may threaten their territory. The bottom line with new cat introductions: give the cats a reason to like each other.

Need help with how to introduce the newcomer? Below is a link to step-by-step instructions to get you started.

Pam’s New Cat Introduction Technique

4. Increase Vertical Territory for Cats

One of the best ways to increase the size of the territories within your multicat home is to think vertically. Cats view their world in vertical terms and we, as humans, live in a horizontal world. Add cat trees, cat shelving, cat stairways, window perches, and so on, in order to double and triple the size of territory for each cat. A multi-perched cat tree becomes a great way for cats to share space at the window while still feeling as if they’re keeping enough distance between them because they aren’t right next to each other. Staggered cat shelving allows cats to pick how high they want to be and if done correctly, allows for easy ascending and descending without having to come in contact with another cat. This method also applies to any cat stairways you install; always ensure there’s more than one way up and down so no one ever gets trapped up there by another cat.