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Did you know that 17,305,200 people purchased a product for their cat just last year alone? Cats are huge business, and Pam want’s to help her readers by thoroughly searching and investigating providers and products in order to highlight and showcase only the best of what is available to her loyal audience.

Businesses who engage our audience will reach OVER ONE-MILLION READERS in just ONE QUARTER

Start Now, Introduce Yourself & Your Products

Pam is actively searching for like-minded, quality over quantity companies with new products or services that would appeal to our audience! Our readers are always excited to hear about new opportunities to enhance or improve their relationship or well-being of their cat(s), especially when they know it has Pam’s support and approval.

Our Goal

for the first quarter of 2018 is to replace our current advertisements (powered by google) with our own curated custom-designed and uniquely presented links to businesses that we love!

Businesses who engage our audience will reach FOUR MILLION READERS annually in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and beyond. 68% of our audience consist of females between the ages of 18 and 34.

In just ONE SOCIAL POST, your business will be shared with 70,000 unique and loyal readers

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