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The Ground-Breaking Book for Multicat Households






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Cat vs. Cat is the ground-breaking guide to setting up and maintaining a peaceful home when you have more than one cat. Cat vs. Cat goes where no others have when it comes to solving the unique challenges of living with multiple cats:


  • Understanding how cats “time share”
  • How to interpret communication between your cats
  • Thinking vertically to increase territory
  • Best technique for new cat introductions
  • Reintroducing long-term feuding felines
  • Handling aggression
  • Managing stress
  • Best litter box set-up for multicat homes
  • Solving multicat litter box issues
  • Tips for ensuring peaceful mealtime
  • Using playtime to solve behavior problems
  • Interactive play therapy
  • Blended families and how to make it work (his pets…her pets)
  • How to set up scratching posts in a multicat home
  • Dealing with a bullying cat

Cat vs. Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Rave Reviews…

“Best money ever spent!”

B. Novacheck, Amazon.com


“I have never reviewed a product anywhere, but I couldn’t stop reading this on my iPad last night. I have been a cat lover for most of my life and I thought I knew a lot about cats, their health and behavior, but this book has taught me so much! I have 4 cats and this book, even though I am only on the 5th chapter, has taught me so much! I would not hesitate to recommend this book for anyone who has more than 1 cat.”

Anne Hopkins, Amazon.com


“Whether you have just one cat, or a houseful, you’ll find plenty of wisdom and practical advice for soothing battered egos and preventing territorial battles, in feline behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett’s Cat vs. Cat: keeping peace when you have more than one cat.”



“Once you start reading this book, you can’t put it down! It is filled with a wealth of advice for dealing with cat hierarchies! OMG, where do I even begin…this book has taught me so much…I was having trouble with the new kid on the block in the house…he continually got ambushed and was truly a sweet kitty. It got so bad that he started busting out and I learned ways on how to change their behavior! Once you read one of this author’s books, you will be looking for more of them!”

ZooToo Review


“I had read this author’s book “Starting from Scratch” on retraining adult cats, and was so impressed by her details on understanding your cat’s attempted communications (which I was totally missing!) and her chapter on “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” (multiple cats) that I ordered this book for a co-worker who was having issues with 2 cats at home. I’d buy ANY of her books on cats…she’s wonderful!”

E Clark, Amazon.com


“This is the best book I’ve read on cats. I had always been a dog person, so I didn’t understand when I adopted my two “juvenile” cats why they wouldn’t get along. This book not only explained why but gave me specific things I could do to change their aggressive/defensive behavior toward one another. I now have peace in my home with my two cats Archie and Tessa. They may not love one another but they’re co-existing quite nicely. I would recommend this author to anyone who has any type of cat behavioral problem. She really knows her stuff.”

Cynthia J. Minor, Amazon.com


Pam Johnson-Bennett is a great author and has great ideas for helping us better understand our cats.”

Melissa Nowland, Amazon.com


This is a great book. The techniques recommended have worked for our two cats, they are getting along much better than they were before. I learned a LOT about cat behaviors and motivations!

Lisa F., Amazon.com


This book has been very helpful to us as we have introduced our new cat to our resident cat. It gave us great ideas to help us keep the peace and foster a good relationship between then.

Zyanya Breuer, Amazon.com


“Truly an EXCEPTIONAL book. If you love cats or are considering adopting a cat, please read this book, you will gain incredible insight into these beautiful creatures. From one cat lover to another, thank you for writing such an exceptional book.”

Tony P., Amazon.com

Cat vs. Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett


  1. We will be introducing our two Siamese to another cat this October and the book sounds very helpful.

  2. Cat vs Cat – Amazing! Everything I wish my vet and cat charity had taught me beyond the stereotypical ‘cats like to be alone’ and ‘they will sort themselves out’ thank very much. If you are ever in the UK I know two great cat groups who strive to break the mold and who would love to host you.

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