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Furniture Scratching

Multicat Households Need Multiple Scratching Posts

If you live in a multicat environment you may be fortunate enough to have cats who are completely happy sharing one scratching post. In most cases though, one or more of the cats may not feel comfortable using the “community” post. Just as with litter box placement, it may cause anxiety for one cat to ...

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Why Cats Shouldn’t be Declawed

why cats shouldn't be declawed

For many new cat parents, the decision to declaw the cat is made before any attempts at training are done and before gaining a thorough understanding of what this permanent procedure actually involves. Too many people look at the cat’s claws as things that cause destruction and injury to family members, rather than understanding how important ...

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Scratching Posts: How to Choose the Best One

scratching posts: how to choose the best one

Listen to the audio version of this article If you don’t want your cat scratching the furniture, you’ll need to provide an object more appealing. When I say appealing, I’m not referring to whether your cat likes the way it looks – I’m referring to whether it gets the job done or not. The only reason your ...

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Read This Before You Replace That Worn Out Scratching Post

read this before you replace that worn out scratching post

When a cat likes her scratching post and uses it exclusively, chances are, it will eventually start looking a bit ragged. Better the post looks ragged than the furniture, right? Even at that, since the scratching post is probably not one of the more attractive pieces of cat equipment you have in your house (the ...

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Some Cats Prefer Horizontal Scratching

Cats are Individuals Some cats prefer not to scratch on vertical objects. These are the cats who scratch on welcome mats, carpets, throw rugs, even sofa cushions. You may have a cat who exclusively scratches horizontally or maybe she enjoys the option of being able to engage in both horizontal and vertical scratching. If you ...

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Why Does My Cat Scratch the Furniture?

why does my cat scratch the furniture

Furniture scratching. So many people are convinced this is a behavior displayed by cats just for the sheer thrill of destroying the living room sofa or treasured antique chair. If you live with a cat who has turned your upholstery into mere shreds, you’re probably at your wit’s end in terms of whether keeping kitty ...

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