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Why Does My Cat Lick Me So Much?

cat muzzle with tongue out

Oh, the cat’s tongue. It’s as cute as can be when it’s peeking out just a bit from the cat’s mouth as she drinks water or delicately grooms herself. It’s small and pink and so adorable. Yet, when that little tongue starts licking you, that little sandblaster seems as if it could take off several ...

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Why Do Cats Groom so Much?

why do cats groom so much?

There are so many things to love about cats. One thing cat parents truly appreciate is that cats are very clean and take meticulous care when it comes to personal hygiene. In fact, grooming takes up a big chunk of a cat’s day. It’s estimated that cats can spend as much as 30-50 percent of their ...

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How to Give Your Cat a Bath

how to give your cat a bath

Why Would Your Cat Need a Bath? For most cats, a bath will never be necessary. Cats do such an amazing job of grooming their coats and keeping themselves very clean. There may a situation however, where you have to bathe your cat. If you allow your cat outdoors you may find she had an ...

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Health Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

health benefits of grooming your cat

If you have a longhaired cat you’re probably very familiar with the need for daily grooming. The coats of longhaired cats easily tangle and mat so regular grooming is a must. Unfortunately though, I’ve seen many longhaired cats who don’t get the needed daily grooming and end up with health complications as a result. Even ...

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Hairballs… Yucky and Dangerous

Hairballs are the yucky, tubular evidence that your cat has been grooming. When you first see a hairball on the carpet or floor, you may easily mistake it for feces because of its color and shape. Your nose will quickly tell you though that this yucky thing came out of the other end of the ...

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How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

how to trim your cat's nails

If your cat becomes Houdini and magically vanishes whenever you even think about trimming her nails, part of the problem might be she has learned to associate the procedure with restraint, discomfort, fear or even pain. Even if you do manage to accomplish the nail trimming procedure, if you’ve had to wrap your cat in ...

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Hairballs in Cats

Cats have backward-facing barbs on their tongues. That’s the scratchy feeling you experience whenever your cat licks your skin. The barbs serve a very important purpose in a cat’s life. In an outdoor environment where a cat may hunt, the barbs help rasp the meat from the bones of the prey. The barbs also help ...

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