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Litter Box Set-up

CatWise Litter Box Basics

Here’s a quick and easy infographic to get you started on setting up a cat-friendly litter box. For more information on cat behavior and training, refer to the articles on our website and the best-selling books by Pam Johnson-Bennett. If you have a question about your cat’s behavior or health, contact your veterinarian. This article ...

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How Often Should My Cat Poop?

how often should my cat poop?

It’s not a fun subject to talk about but just as a popular children’s book states, everyone poops. Since your cat can’t tell you whether she’s having trouble with elimination, it’s up to you to monitor the litter box, not only to keep it clean, but to notice the appearance, smell, and frequency of her ...

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Why Does My Cat Kick Litter out of the Box?

why does my cat kick litter out of the box

    You may live with a cat whose litter box habits are nothing short of spectacular, where not one particle of litter makes its way out of the box. Maybe you’re not so lucky though. Perhaps your cat sends mounds of litter out of the box and onto the floor where you manage to ...

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Your Cat’s Litter Box: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

your cat's litter box: 8 mistakes to avoid

The cat’s relationship with the litter box is more complex than many cat parents realize. We typically assume the litter box to be a place where a cat simply eliminates. It’s the place we want kitty’s pee and poo to be exclusively deposited and as long as kitty follows the plan, everyone is happy. For ...

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How to Train an Outdoor Cat to Use the Litter Box

how to train an outdoor cat to use the litter box

If you’re transitioning an outdoor cat to indoor life, you may be initially concerned with how to train the cat to now start using an indoor litter box. For some cats, the transition to a litter box will be very easy but for others, it may take a little more finesse on your part. Start ...

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The Size of Your Cat’s Litter Box

the size of your cat's litter box

When it comes to choosing a litter box, it’s important to match the size of the box to the size of your cat. It’s easy to get influenced by a desire to choose a box based on whether it will fit in a certain location. In some cases that may still work out fine for your ...

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How to Change Brands of Litter

how to change brands of litter

Cats don’t like change and if you want to avoid creating unnecessary stress in your cat’s life, it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re planning on introducing anything unfamiliar. You may think I’m only referring to major changes but for many cats, even a minor change can be upsetting. The type of litter you ...

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Your Indoor/Outdoor Cat Needs an Indoor Litter Box

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat and you’ve trained that kitty to eliminate exclusively outdoors, you may be setting yourself up for a behavior problem down the road. Some cat parents who allow their cats outdoors have tried to totally do without having an indoor litter box. They may have trained their cats to scratch ...

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Litter Basics

litter basics

Listen to the audio version of this article When it comes to litter substrate there are many choices. Many of those choices are designed to appeal to the human family member and not necessarily the cat who will be the one using the box. Cats Can Have Preferences In general, the most appealing type of ...

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Covered Litter Boxes: The Real Scoop

covered litter boxes: the real scoope

Listen to the audio version of this article When it comes to choosing a litter box for your cat, you may think a covered one is a good choice because it offers privacy for the cat and hides all those things you don’t want to see or smell but there are some facts to consider ...

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