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The Science of Cats and Dogs (photos)

Here are some photos from the 2017 Beakerhead Festival in Canada. The event, “The Science of Cats and Dogs,” was a huge hit with a wonderful mix of entertainment and education.                

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Pictures from The CatWise Cat Cafe Tour

We completed the CatWise Cat Café Tour sponsored by Wellness Natural Pet Food and it was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to do a book tour at some of the most popular cat cafés around the country.  We went from coast to coast, where I signed copies of my latest book, CatWise, met ...

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The CatWise Cat Cafe Tour Was a Big Hit

CatWise Cat Cafe Tour with Pam Johnson-Bennett

  CatWise Cat Café Tour with Pam Johnson-Bennett Presented by Wellness® Was a Big Hit The CatWise Cat Café Tour presented by Wellness® Natural Pet Food! This first of its kind tour featured Best Selling Author and host of Nat Geo Wild/Animal Planet’s Psycho Kitty, Pam Johnson-Bennett. in 2017, best-selling author, Pam Johnson-Bennett traveled across the country and ...

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Watch Psycho Kitty on Amazon

Psycho Kitty hosted by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Watch on Amazon

The first season of Psycho Kitty is available on Amazon. Watch as cat behavior expert, Pam Johnson-Bennett, works to help frustrated cat parents correct their cats’ behavior problems. Thirteen episodes are available on Amazon.      

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Veterinarian Wanted for Expanding HEALTH segment of our site

cat and heart illustration

February 16, 2017 –  Our website is getting ready to expand. We’ll soon have more health and veterinary topics and we would like to extend an invitation to veterinarians interested in contributing guest articles. We’re looking for veterinary, nutrition and health topics directed toward cat owners. If you’d like more exposure for your veterinary clinic, ...

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Psycho Kitty: A Sneak Peek at a few Episodes

Psycho Kitty starring Pam Johnson-Bennett

Psycho Kitty, staring Pam Johnson-Bennett airs in Canada on Nat Geo Wild. In Italy you can watch it on SkyUno. Beginning February 25, 2014 Psycho Kitty starts airing in the UK on Animal Planet. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the frustrated felines from Season One:      

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

black cat

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day After more than 32 years in the field of cat behavior, I’m still amazed at the wrong information people believe about cats. There are a number of people who hate, fear or simply don’t understand cats and as a result, they continue to spread the false information about ...

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Pam in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

Read Pam’s comments in the Wall Street Journal’s article on the benefits of puzzle feeders. It’s great to see journalists including pet health in their columns. Pets can greatly benefit from the use of puzzle feeders and it doesn’t take long for them to get the hang of it. For cats it’s a natural behavior ...

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Pam’s “Think Like a Cat” method

If you want to learn from the best, here’s the book that contains Pam’s Think Like a Cat training method. She’s the one who started everyone thinking differently about cat behavior and training. “Ms. Johnson-Bennett paved the way for all of us. And as a result, she has saved countless cats’ lives. Her work mertis a ...

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National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet day. Even though cats outnumber dogs as the most popular pet, they aren’t getting seen by veterinarians as often as dogs. Today is a good reminder to make that long overdue appointment for your cat’s yearly wellness exam. You know what they say about an ...

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