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Fearful Behavior

Tips for Calming Your Cat During Fireworks

tips for calming your cat during fireworks

When you think of a pet being fearful of fireworks, the image of a trembling, whining or drooling dog may come to mind, but what about cats? Your cat may also be frightened by fireworks. It makes sense that July 5th is the busiest day at the shelters due to dogs and cats who have ...

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Your Cat’s Personal Space: Why it Matters

Your cat's personal space: why it matters

When it comes to our own personal space, we tend to feel most comfortable when the ability to choose how much we need is in our own control. It’s much more comfortable, for example, when we enter a waiting room that isn’t crowded so we can choose where to sit and how far away we ...

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Signs of Stress in Cats

signs of stress in cats

  Please note that Pam is unable to answer questions posted in the comment section. If you have a question about your cat’s behavior, you can find information in the articles on our website as well as in Pam’s books. If you have a question regarding your cat’s health, please contact your veterinarian. 

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Six Reasons Why You shouldn’t Dress Cats in Halloween Costumes

6 reasons why you shouldn't dress cats in halloween costumes

Halloween is coming and costumes are on the minds of many people. Parents are helping their children pick out the perfect ones or they’re channeling their inner Martha Stewart and creating homemade costumes. When you open your door to trick-or-treaters this year, as every year before, you’ll not only see children dressed up, but many ...

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Reduce Your Cat’s Stress During Veterinary Exams

reduce your cat's stress during veterinary exams

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to quickly figure out that going to the veterinary clinic is not high on a cat’s list of favorite places to visit. If you look at it from your cat’s perspective, it certainly makes sense. Without any warning, the cat is shoved into a carrier, put in a car ...

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Why Every Cat Needs Hiding Places

why every cat needs hiding places

Since the early 1980s when I first started working with clients on their cats’ behavior problems, a big part of my consultations covered the importance of creating an environment that allows the cat to engage in natural behaviors, provides security and strengthens the cat/human bond. The umbrella term for these things is commonly referred to ...

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Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

is your cat stressed out

Listen to the audio version of this article When I talk to some people about how stress affects their cats, I sometimes get very strange looks. Back in 1982 when I first started my cat behavior consulting business, the idea of stress in cats was pretty much unheard of. I even remember being laughed at ...

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Why Cats Hiss

why cats hiss

It’s a sound every cat parent has heard at some point. Even if your cat is the sweetest little kitty on the planet, if she has ever felt threatened or needed to send a warning to someone (feline, canine or human), she has probably hissed at some point.   Hissing may seem like a comical ...

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Thunderstorm Fear in Cats

thunderstorm fear in cats

Thunderstorms can be very unsettling. Typically, when it comes to our pets, we think of dogs as the ones who end up shaking, crying or hiding when Mother Nature displays a sound and light show, but many cats also become nervous. If thunderstorms cause anxiety to your cat, here are eight tips to help you ...

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How Your Cat may React to Your Children’s Halloween Costumes

You may love to watch your children jumping all around and acting in character when they dress up in their Halloween costumes but your cat may have a completely different reaction. Some cats may be frightened when seeing someone walk or run into the room wearing a costume. Depending on the costume, your child may ...

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