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Choosing the Right Toys for Your Cat: My 12 Tips

Photo: Fotolia

Photo: Fotolia

8.  A Little Help From Catnip

There are toys containing catnip and there are also ones with resealable pouches for you to place your own catnip in if your cat enjoys that. Not every cat responds to catnip but if your kitty does, my recommendation is to buy non-catnip toys and then separately purchase some good quality catnip to rub on them or stuff in the pouches. You can even grow your own catnip. I keep a stash of toys “marinating” in a container of catnip at all times. This way, one is always ready when needed. For many cats, a little catnip added into the occasional play session can really kick it up a notch and create a renewed interest in a previously ignored toy.

9. Toy Rotation

You don’t need to have a collection of 500 toys for your cat. Once you have a core collection of ones he likes, rotate them weekly to help maintain their appeal.

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10. Changing with the Times

Toys that your cat loved when he was younger may not be as appealing if he’s a senior or has some mobility issues. Maintain playtime with your cat but if certain toys are no longer of interest, this may be the time to re-evaluate your playtime technique to accommodate his needs but also, you may need to experiment with some different styles of toys. For example, he may no longer find it comfortable to bite down on hard toys and may now prefer a softer feel. Again, it comes down to knowing your cat and adjusting his playtime environment as needed.

11. Homemade Cat Toys

Toys don’t have to be purchased. You can make food-dispensing toys using everyday objects such as a plastic water bottle or a plastic tube. A quick search online will result in several clever toy ideas and instructions. There are also countless options for making toys using socks, fabric and many other items. Just be sure your homemade toy is safe and durable.

Photo: Fotolia

Photo: Fotolia

12. And Remember… Be a Part of the Game!

Even the best toy isn’t a replacement for time spent with you. Conduct as least two play sessions with your cat a day. About 15 minutes each is all it takes to enrich your cat’s day and help him see how much fun a particular toy can be.

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