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** UPDATE **

Due to Pam’s lecture schedule, she is no longer accepting clients for private behavior consultations. If you’re experiencing a behavior problem with your cat, please contact your veterinarian. It’s important that any underlying medical causes be ruled out. Your veterinarian may then provide a referral to a qualified behavior professional in your area.

If you need a consultation with a behavior professional, Pam recommends that you contact a veterinary behaviorist. For more information about locating a veterinary behaviorist near you visit the website of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists at dacvb.org. On their site you can find the member directory in order to locate a professional closest to you.  Veterinary Behaviorists are veterinarians who have achieved board-certification in the specialty of veterinary behavior.

You can also find comprehensive information on cat behavior in the books written by best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett, including the most recent release CatWise. Pam’s books are available at bookstores everyone, through your favorite online book retailer and here at our website.

NOTE: Pam is unable to respond to comments. Our office is also unable to answer emails about your cat’s behavior. Please do not email our office for free behavior advice. If you’re experiencing a problem with your cat’s behavior, contact your veterinarian first because there may be underlying medical cause.

Pam's books are referred to as the cat bibles by behavior experts, veterinarians and cat parents worldwide






One Response to Consultations

  1. Pam,
    I live in Toledo, Ohio. I have 5 cats in a 4 bedroom, 2 story house. I have 7 litter boxes between two floors. All of my cats get along (they have the occasional sibling squabble over who gets the cat bed today, but all regularly play, sleep and social groom together). I have a spayed 5 year old female cat whom i hand raises from 3 weeks old, ans is the youngest and last brought in of my Pride who has sprayed for years. Mostly in specific areas. I have tried everything. How much would you charge for a consult? I am trying to get my house ready for my husband and I to start planning a family, and I don’t believe in rehoming. Please, please help me and my fur baby!