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Five Steps to Correct Petting-Induced Aggression in Cats




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  1. I have a cat that i pretty well know knows why she is being disciplined. Some times you have no choice, The cat wants to walk on something that could break or create other problems. What seems worse is when i have no choice but to pick the cat up.
    When i first got the cat and it went to bite me after petting her for a while i would push her away. Or put her in the bathroom for a time out. Then i read articles like this and stopped with the discipline. the cat is not stupid. The next time she nipped me i did nothing and THEN her ears went down because she was expecting some recourse. After i stopped for a while each nip got more aggressive as if like a child she was testing me to see what she can get away with.
    Sometimes she lets me know she no longer wants to be petted by moving away or meowing in a nasty way. Other times there is no warning. And it not that i pet is not that i pet her some where different.
    I think with cats it can be a game of who is in charge. and it will be you the owner or the cat. I will try your advice a little longer and if her actions become steadily more aggressive i will go back to discipline.

  2. My cat Sky,it’s hard to read the warnings, she is always wagging her tail, she reminds me of a dog, as soon as she sees me the tail starts going she gets excited. Even when she eats, her ears don’t go back or out but her tail is constantly wagging when do I know when to stop petting her. She doesn’t stop purring and jumps in my lap for me to pet her. But she bites me.

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