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How to Change Brands of Litter

Once he has been successfully and routinely using the new litter you can remove the other litter boxes.

No Abrupt Changes When it Comes to Cat Litter

The worst thing you can do when it comes to changing litter brands or types is to merely dump out the contents of his current box and fill it with an unfamiliar litter. Every time your cat goes to the litter box, as a creature of habit, he is expecting to come across the same texture against his paw pads and the same scent (or non-scent). Even if you’re absolutely sure he’ll like the new litter better, use one of the above two methods rather than using the element of surprise.

Need More Information?

If you’re experiencing a litter box aversion problem with your cat make sure you have him examined by the veterinarian to rule out any possible underlying medical cause.




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