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How to Choose a Veterinarian

Which veterinarian you choose for your cat is an important decision and one that should be made before you actually bring home your cat for the first time. When you become a cat parent it’s wise to already have the veterinary clinic chosen based on careful evaluation done before you even bring kitty there for the first time.

Making the decision on which clinic to use will involve research and time and if you do all of that before kitty arrives, you’ll have the luxury of taking your time to check out more than one clinic just in case the first place doesn’t meet your expectations.

Beginning the Search for Your Cat’s New Veterinarian


        • Ask friends, neighbors, nearby relatives and co-workers which veterinarians they use and WHY.
        • Only ask people who take good care of their pets.
        • Check online resources and online review sites.
        • Check listings in professional associations such as AVMA and AAFP.
        • Look in your local Yellow Pages and local community directories.


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Do You Have Preferences Regarding the Type of Clinic?

      • Would you prefer a large multi- doctor practice or a smaller one-doctor clinic?
      • Is there a cats-only clinic in your area?
      • In a mixed practice, would you prefer they have a separate cat waiting room and exam room?
      • Do you need a clinic with later hours or a 24/hour clinic based on your work schedule?
      • Do you want a clinic that is also a boarding facility?
      • A house call or mobile clinic?
      • Does the clinic have emergency services or is there an emergency clinic nearby?

 Visit the Veterinary Clinic

If you want to spend a few minutes talking with the veterinarian (a good idea) and touring the facility (another good idea), then call ahead of time to schedule a short appointment. It’s not fair to expect the veterinarian to see you unannounced.


      • Upon driving up to the clinic, what is your first impression?
      • How does the waiting room look?
      • Does it have an odor or does it smell clean?
      • Does it look clean and well-maintained?
      • Pay attention to the receptionist – is he/she friendly and knowledgeable?
      • Are phonecalls answered quickly and professionally?
      • Take a tour behind the scenes. Boarded animals should be kept separate from hospital patients.

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  1. My friend adopted a cat, so she has been looking for a vet. Thanks for the tip to visit the clinic and see how the other animals are behaving. It makes sense that you would want you pet to be as comfortable as possible. I’ll share these great tips with her, so thanks for posting!

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