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How to Feed Different Diets in a Multiple Cat Household: Eight Quick Tips

If you end creating feeding stations throughout the house, remember to have additional water bowls in those rooms as well.

cat with food bowl

5. Monitor Mealtime

Having to hang around while the cats eat certainly isn’t the most convenient but it’s the best way to ensure all cats eat their own food. Your presence can also ease tension one or more cats may feel if they’ve been the victim of resource guarding. Monitoring is also essential when you feed a prescription food because it can make a huge difference in the health of the kitty patient. If you’re feeding growth formula to a kitten, it’s crucial that the youngster get that specific food which is higher in protein and fat than adult formula.

6. Make Adjustments

As you start the process you may find you have to make adjustments along the way. If you have one cat who gulps his food down in order to visit the other food bowls then he will obviously need more supervision or you may have to place him in a separate room. Sometimes just smushing his food down in the bowl so he has to work a little harder to get it may be all that’s needed.

You may also realize that one or more of the feeding stations need to be elevated. Perhaps the only way to keep the overweight cat from getting the kitten’s food is to feed the kitten in an elevated spot.


7. Satisfy the All-Day Foragers with Puzzle Feeders

If your cats were die-hard grazers who loved sauntering in and out of the kitchen for one or two bites of dry food throughout the day, you can still offer a version of that in a way that’s much more beneficial. Set up some puzzle feeders around the house that contain dry food. The cats can enjoy some bonus playtime as they move the food-dispensing toys around and end up with an edible prize. This way the cats are eating less of the carbohydrate-filled food than they would if you just placed a bowl of it out in the kitchen, but they’re still able to enjoy some snacks during the day.