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How to Keep Your Cat Away From the Christmas Tree

If you have hanging plants, you can also use the same technique if you have an eye-bolt in the ceiling. Secure the top of the tree to a wire or fishing line and then attach that to the plant hook. This way, the tree is anchored to the floor by the tree base but has extra security by being attached by a wire to the ceiling hook.


for the cat lover on your list

If the above doesn’t seem sturdy enough you can add extra support by securing the tree toward the bottom as well. Attach wire or cord near the baseboard. You’ll just have to cover the small hole with a piece of furniture afterward.

I’d also recommend you invest in a heavy-duty tree stand. Pick one that can easily manage the weight and height of the tree even if a determined feline attempts to scale it.

When choosing a location for the tree, a corner is a safer choice. Look around though and make sure there isn’t a table or piece of furniture too close that your cat might use as a springboard to launch himself onto the tree.

Cat-Safe Tree Branches

Before decorating, deter your cat from nibbling on branches by spraying a bitter anti-chew product on the tree. This is especially important if you have a live tree because you certainly don’t want your cat chewing on the needles. The tree needles are toxic if ingested and you also don’t know whether fire retardants, preservatives or any type of pesticides were sprayed on the tree.

Prevent Your Cat From Drinking Water From the Tree Reservoir

If you have a live tree, cover the water reservoir to prevent your cat from drinking there. Tree sap is toxic and so are any tree preservatives you may add in the water. Aspirin is something that people commonly use in the water to keep the tree fresh and that’s highly toxic to cats. Use netting or Sticky Paws for Plants over the reservoir. If you use Sticky Paws, place the strips in a criss-cross pattern so you can still water the tree but the cat won’t be able to get his face in there. Some tree stands have covers that go around the reservoir as well.