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No More Stinky Litter Boxes

no more stinky litter boxes

In print and TV advertisements we’re bombarded by countless manufacturers claiming their products can reduce or eliminate litter box odors. Everyone claims to have the latest and greatest product to end the dreaded stinky litter box. Whether it’s something you sprinkle into the litter, spray in the box, or add to your cat’s food, companies are working overtime to limit the odor associated with what comes out of kitty’s south end. You’ll also find litter box configurations designed to self-clean. There are boxes that rake the litter, wash the litter, or have non-absorbing pellets that cause urine to pass through onto the pad below. The only thing these boxes don’t seem to be able to do is walk the bag of soiled litter out to the curbside trash for you.

The Litter Box Set-Up Should be Simple

I work with cat parents on a daily basis who have cats with litter box issues. The more I see the process get complicated, the worse it gets for the cat. The most effective way to control litter box odor is to scoop the box at least twice a day and thoroughly scrub the box clean on a regular basis. Your cat wants to step into a box that’s large enough to accommodate him, feel the soft texture of the litter, find enough clean space in the box to take care of his personal business, cover his waste and then exit the box to continue on with his day. Many of the self-cleaning boxes aren’t large enough for the average cat (the box itself is large to house the motor but the litter surface area isn’t large), the noise is bothersome, or the rakes can get trapped in diarrhea clumps. In the case of the self-washing litter box there’s the added risk of having the cat in the box during the “wash cycle.” That’s a behavior problem waiting to happen.

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Perfumed litters, additives and most especially any products given orally to the cats only contribute to having owners neglect their duties. The less owners pay attention to the litter box, the less it will get cleaned and ultimately, the less kitty will want to use it.

Here are the basics on litter box odor control:

  • Get a box that’s the correct size for your cat
  • Put it in a location that is convenient for the cat
  • Scoop out the waste at least twice a day
  • Thoroughly scrub the box regularly
  • Keep the litter level consistent
  • In multicat homes have the same numberof boxes as you have cats

That’s effective odor control!

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  1. As a cat owner for many years, I wanted to agree with everything you said but add one thing. Yes, it’s important to scoop the box twice a day and scrub it often too, but if we’re talking about ways to keep the box as clean and odor free as possible, I’ve found that what you feed your cat also makes a difference. Putting my cats on natural cat food that is specifically formulated for indoor cats reduced the litter build up and odor. There are a lot of brand out there but my cat’s favorite are the Platefulls Indoor pouches by Natural Balance. They also eat Ultra dry.

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