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Pictures from The CatWise Cat Cafe Tour

We completed the CatWise Cat Café Tour sponsored by Wellness Natural Pet Food and it was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to do a book tour at some of the most popular cat cafés around the country.  We went from coast to coast, where I signed copies of my latest book, CatWise, met many wonderful cat lovers and had the chance to cuddle with some precious cats at the cafés. We even made an extra stop at Cat Adoption Team in Portland so I could do a lecture on shelter enrichment for cats.

Teaming up With Wellness

It was an honor to team up with Wellness for this first-of-its-kind tour. The most amazing part of all was that Wellness donated 1,000 meals for cats at each stop of the tour. The meals were donated to the shelters associated with each cat café, for a total of 8,000 meals in all. Thank you, Wellness, for your generosity and devotion to keeping cats healthy and happy as they wait for their forever homes.

The CatWise Cat Café Tour was a tremendous success and a wonderful chance to spotlight how cat cafés provide another avenue for adoption.

Cat cafés have been an international hit for a number of years and recently they have become very popular in America, with new cafes popping up in many cities.

CatWise Cat Cafe Tour Locations

We kicked off The CatWise Cat Café Tour kicked-off in March with a press conference at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. Our first cat café stop was at the Orlando Cat Café in Orlando, FL. We then hit New York to appear at Meow Parlour in NYC, Morgan’s Cat Café in Hudson Valley and the Brooklyn Cat Café in Brooklyn. The tour moved on to Philadelphia for a stop at the Kawaii Kitty Café. The west coast was next, where we did a book signing at Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland and Seattle’s Meowtropolitan Cat Café.  The cat cafés were all wonderful and if you have a chance to visit one in your city, don’t miss the opportunity.

Here are some pictures from the tour.

Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe


Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe

Outside of the cafe, with the owners and publicist Dana Humphrey


The drink menu



The rules

Meeting fans

Meeting fans


Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe

Cool structures for the feline residents

A closer view


Part of the cats’ kingdom

The cats have plenty of room to roam


Just chillin’

Door greeter

Purrington’s Cat Lounge

Presenting a gift from Wellness for 1000 meals to shelter cats


Fun artwork in the cat room

Front counter

Meeting some very special fans


This kitty played the role of door guard

Morgan’s Cat Cafe

With Bobbi Jo Forte, the owner of the cat cafe


The cat room


Doing a TV interview at the cafe


The cafe counter



Signing books

Kawaii Kitty Cafe

Front counter at the cafe


Wall art

Meeting fans


A tired kitty sleeping in the window

Did a quick TV appearance while in Philadelphia

A kitty taking a quick catnap

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Making room for everyone


The cats took the comfy seats

Elevated areas for the cats


Trying to nap at a busy cat cafe is difficult


Two cats taking a break from the crowd

If you need to use the bathroom, you’ll have to wait your turn.

Orlando Cat Cafe

Orlando Cat Cafe

I’m with Sandra Cagan, the owner of the Orlando Cat Cafe


speaking at Orlando Cat Cafe

Answering questions at the Orlando Cat Cafe


CatWise book

Everyone received a terrific goody bag from Wellness and one lucky winner received this gorgeous gift basket.


Orlando Cat Cafe

One of the feline residents chilling out


Meow Parlour

Meow Parlour

It looks as if someone was curious about what’s inside the goody bag.


Meow Parlour

What’s the best part about doing a book signing at a cat cafe? CATS!


Meow Parlour

This kitty made sure there was no game playing that night.



When you go to Meow Parlour, be sure and taste the macaroons.





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  1. Enjoyed reading Pam Johnson-Bennett’s comments on Multicat Households. Lots of good advice for when our lovely Cous Cous comes home from hospital.

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