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Meet Pickles, the cat who banished his owner from the home; Spencer, the faucet-fixated feline; and Wishbone, the cat who loved to munch on socks and sweaters. Their stories, along with other confused cats, are told in Psycho Kitty.

Follow Pam Johnson-Bennett, the star of the Animal Planet UK’s television series, as she goes on some very unusual house calls. Get to know some of her clients, their frustrating, funny and often unusual problems and how Pam’s techniques correct seemingly “hopeless” situations. Within the entertaining and heartwarming stories, Pam offers practical solutions that you can apply to your own cat behavior problems. Even if your cat is a perfect angel, you’ll be amused to discover some of the stranger behaviors that puzzle many cat parents.

Table of Contents

1. MISSING THE MARK — litter box problems

The Domino Effect

Stinky Secrets

Too Little Too Late

Magic Carpets

2. TOOTH AND NAIL — aggression

Too Hot Espresso

The Racoon Incident

He Said She Said

3. CATS AS INTERIOR DECORATORS — furniture scratching

Verticals and Horizontals

Making Your Mark

What’s Mine is Mine


Fascinating Faucets

Don’t Pet Pickles

Socks Appeal

Eek’s Best Friend

A Lesson in Love




Psycho Kitty by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Rave Reviews…

“Get ready to go on an anecdotal tour of the feline psyche. This book is a must for any cat owner frustrated by seemingly inexplicable behavior.”

Pets magazine


“In reading about the bizarre cat behavior cases that Pam Johnson-Bennett has successfully handled, one has to be impressed with her insight into the feline world.”

ForeWord Magazine


“Certified Animal Behavior Consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett’s insights are both witty and informative… This ‘cat shrink’ book will entertain all animal lovers, not just cat lovers, and will leave you with a new understanding of the quirky feline in your life.”

Parade Magazine


“She offers some of her best advice in this clever new book. Some tips from the expert will have everyone purring with delight.”

Cincinnati Library


“It is a little bit of James Herriot sprinkled with practical tips”

J. Reese, Amazon.com review


“This author has an astonishing ability to help the reader understand that regardless of how absurd the behavior may seem, it always makes sense to the cat.”

Debbie Winkler, former president, IAABC


“Cat Behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett is awesome when it comes to identifying cat behavior issues and resolving them. I have found this book to be a big help in understanding our cats.”

Sundancesyd, Amazon.com


“Psycho Kitty is a must-read! In this small book, cat behavior expert Johnson-Bennett speaks volumes.”

Darlene Arden, author of Small Dogs, Big Hearts

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