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Read This Before You Replace That Worn Out Scratching Post



Upgrading to a Better Post

When getting a new post, if kitty has been successfully scratching on the current one, purchase a new one that has the same material. For example, sisal is a very popular material and most cats enjoy scratching it. So if the current post is sisal-covered, get another sisal-covered one. If however, the post you currently have is rather small because you got it when your cat was just a kitten, then upgrade to a taller post this time around so she can fully stretch out when scratching. It may be time to also consider adding a cat tree to your cat’s environment.

When to Toss the Old One

When you see your cat routinely using the new post you can then remove the old one. Just make sure it really is no longer functional for your cat. Just because it has a few shreds on it may mean it’s not as appealing from a human’s perspective but may still be the ideal post for your cat.

Need More Information?

For more specific information on scratching posts, furniture scratching problems or even how to construct a scratching post, refer to the book, Think Like a Cat. Be sure and also check out the latest in cat behavior information in Pam’s book CatWise. In this book, best-selling author, Pam Johnson-Bennett, answers 150 of the most-asked cat behavior questions.

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