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Resource Guarding Behavior in Cats

In some multicat homes resource guarding behavior is very obvious. In other homes it can be very hard to detect due to how subtle one or more of the cats are in the behavior display. The cats may look as if they get along, and in most aspects of their lives together they may not have any issues.  There might be one or more situations though that do cause one cat to become protective over something.

Resource Guarding at the Cat’s Feeding Station

Probably the most common resource guarding behavior happens at the food bowl. Sometimes the sweetest cat can turn into a tiger when it comes to preventing his feline companions from coming close to the food. He may just guard his own bowl or he may guard all the bowls. If you feed out of one community food bowl he may guard the entrance to the kitchen. The guarding cat may push the other cats out of the way in order to eat first. In many situations where one cat has been repeatedly bullied at the food bowl, he may learn to just wait until the guarding cat has finished eating. The intimidated cat may sit off to the side or may have learned not to enter the kitchen at all in order to avoid a physical confrontation.


Resource Guarding at the Litter Box

Resource guarding can also take place at the litter box and in some cases it can be extremely subtle to the cat parent. The cat may appear to be lounging in the middle of the hallway leading to the room where the litter box is located. He may look totally relaxed but in reality, what he might be doing is guarding the path to the litter box. For any companion cats to access the litter box they would have to walk past the feline guard.

Dealing with Resource Guarding at the Food Bowl

The best behavior modification technique for dealing with resource guarding is to offer choice. When a cat has a choice he is less likely to become stressed and feeling that he needs to defend an item.

In the case of the feeding station, set up food bowls in more than one location. If you’ve been feeding out of one common bowl, divide up the food into several dishes and spread them out. The resource guarding cat can’t be in all places at once. If the resource guarding was triggered by the cat having to share a bowl with another cat then setting out more bowls in one location may be enough. If the behavior is more severe and the intimidated cat won’t eat while the guarding cat is in the same room then set up additional feeding stations around the house. Choose locations where intimidated cats naturally feel more comfortable. Place bowls on various vertical levels to help intimidated cats feel more secure because they can watch for any sign of another cat entering the room.

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  1. I have a rescued cat got him at a very young age. I had him for almost 2 years now, great cat love him.
    I can’t get him to come out to meet anyone. Most have not seen him only pictures.
    Anything I can do to help him get over this.

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