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Seven Things That Make Sense to Your Cat… But Not to You

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7.  The Cover Up

You put a dish of food down for your cat and he takes a few nibbles and then paws at the floor in front of the dish in the same way he does when covering his waste in the litter box. Is your cat saying the food stinks? Is this the feline equivalent to a restaurant patron sending food back to the kitchen? Is your cat comparing his meal to a pile of cat poo? Actually, it’s a normal behavior and is based on a cat’s survival instinct as both a predator and prey animal. If your cat doesn’t finish his meal, his behavior of pawing at the floor is an attempt to cover the food so as not to attract any predators. It also prevents potential prey from being alerted to the fact that a predator is in the vicinity. Even indoor cats who never go outside to hunt retain those survival instincts.

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  1. Hi, I would just like to let you know I have had two cats who refuse to eat anything that has been microwaved,even if it has cooled to room temperature, could there be a reason for this?
    Cat lover

  2. Not a cat expert but my guess is that since microwave tends to overheat food in uneven areas, certain areas do get super heated and loses nutrients during process. This is true for human food as well(and other heating process that overheats) so maybe your cat doesn’t like this in particular? All cats are different but I know that I don’t like reheating some food in the microwave as it turns the sides hard and the middle goopy.

  3. Cats have the natural ability to select foods that are highest in protein and nutrients. By microwaving the food, you are removing beneficial vitamins, etc., your cats can detect that.