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Ten Tips for Maintaining Your Cat’s Mental Fitness

10 tips for maintaining your cat's mental fitness

You’ve heard the saying that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” and that applies to your Feline Einstein as well. Your cat has a remarkable brain and it needs to be challenged, stimulated and exercised to help maintain good mental fitness. Here are 10 tips to help get you started:

1. Play With Your Cat

Engage in daily interactive play sessions where you move the toy like prey so your cat can use her incredible hunting skills. A well-done interactive play session gives your cat the opportunity to plan out her stalking technique and perfect her pounce timing.

2. Make Mealtime Fun for Your Cat

Instead of heaping a pile of food into your cat’s bowl, use puzzle feeders so that she gets the chance to work for food. This feeding method provides entertainment for your cat while keeping her mentally stimulated.

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3. Hide-and-Seek Solo  Cat Playtime

The solo toys your cat has for playtime (such as the fuzzy mice, balls, etc.) can be strategically placed around the house so she can “discover” them all over again. It helps keep her brain active as she walks through the house.

4. Clicker Train Your Cat

This training method is great for helping with behavior problems but it’s also just plain fun and is a great way to mentally challenge your cat. You can clicker train her to perform behaviors such as giving a high five, jumping through a hope or sitting up on her hind legs, to name just a few.

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5. Do Homemade Agility Training with Your Cat

Start with something basic such as having your cat go through a paper bag tunnel and then add to the course with various obstacles. This is a great combination of mental and physical exercise.

6. Prevent Loneliness in Your Cat

For some cats, the addition of a companion cat is a great way to fight loneliness especially when the cat parent is away from home for long periods of time. Having a cat companion to play with creates lots of opportunities for playtime and mental fitness. If you don’t think your cat will do well with another cat, consider getting a dog, if your schedule permits. In terms of the human family, pay attention to your cat and maximize the bonding process. Having a cat isn’t just about providing food, a litter box and shelter. It’s about the human/animal bond. Spend time with your cat.

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