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Warm Weather Safety for Cats

Watch that your cat (or any pet) doesn’t drink from puddles because of the risk of giardia (a microscopic parasite). The water in puddles may become contaminated from the feces of infected animals.

Climate Control Comfort for Your Cat

If you’re uncomfortable then chances are your cat is also uncomfortable when it comes to the temperature. Even indoor environments can get very stuffy so pay attention to those inside temps. If you don’t have air conditioning keep a couple of fans going to circulate the air. Make sure the fans are safe and placed where the cat can’t get to them. On hot, sunny days, keep curtains closed to help cool down indoor temperatures.

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Avoid Sunburn in Cats

Keep in mind that cats can get sunburned as well and their ear tips are particularly vulnerable. On very sunny days, consider keeping your cat indoors for his own safety and comfort.  Consult your veterinarian before putting any sunscreen product on your cat because most aren’t safe for pets. Sunblocks containing zinc oxide are toxic to dogs and sunscreens containing salicylates (common in almost all sunscreens) have the same toxic effect as aspirin in cats. The safest sun protection you can use is to bring your cat indoors and avoid extended exposure to sun.

Outdoor Cats Need Access to Shade

Cats allowed outdoors in the heat of the day must have options for shade. Make sure there are shady areas your cat can access. This is also important for people who create outdoor enclosures for cats. There must be shade options within those enclosures and that the cat has the ability to re-enter the house on his own. Do not leave your cat outdoors in an enclosure in the summer where he can’t escape the heat and return to the house. Never leave your cat in an outdoor enclosure when you aren’t home.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Safety for Senior Cats

If you have a senior cat, pay particular attention that he is comfortable since he may not be as mobile and can more easily become over-heated. The best place for an older cat is safely indoors where he can stay cool. He needs options for cool surface napping as well as soft beds so he can make the choice to maintain temperature comfort. If you have a fan going in the room, make sure your senior cat is mobile enough to be able to move away from it if he doesn’t like the air blowing directly on him.

Window Safety

Check window screens for any rips or signs of wear that could provide an escape route for a cat. Many cats enjoy sitting in the open window to look outside and you want to ensure that they won’t easily slip out through ripped screens. Check the sturdiness of screens as well. A large and determined cat who spots a bird outside may push through the screen. Make sure screens are secure or only open windows enough to let the breeze in. Pet screens and window gates are also available commercially if you want to have your windows fully opened.