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Why Does My Cat Vomit?

During the holidays, it’s not uncommon for cats to end up vomiting due to ingestion of rich foods that are either given to them by dinner guests or due to grabbing food that has been left out.

A change in diet from dry food to wet food may cause vomiting due to the increased richness of canned meals. Make a gradual transition by feeding just a little canned food each time, along with the dry. During each meal, slowly increase the amount of canned and decrease the dry.

Talk to your veterinarian to make sure you’re feeding the appropriate food as well. Your veterinarian will provide more detailed information on how to do a dietary transition based on your individual cat’s case specifics.


Eating too Fast

Some cats eat as if they haven’t had a meal in days or as if they’re worried this will be the very last one. If your cat was a rescue who had difficulty getting food, the fear of never having enough could develop into a habit of gulping food quickly.

If cats in a multicat environment feel threatened about the availability of resources or if one cat bullies another at the feeding station, gulping may occur which can then lead to vomiting.

If your cat eats too quickly, here are some options to try:

  • Make sure rapid eating doesn’t have an underlying medical cause
  • Feed smaller meals more frequently
  • Incorporate puzzle feeders
  • Use slow-feeder bowls with barriers
  • Press wet food against sides of bowl or use a muffin tin so the cat has to work harder
  • Don’t allow one cat to bully at the feeding station
  • In a multicat household, set up individual bowls and separate as far as needed
  • Address multicat tension that may be causing rapid eating or resource guarding
  • If needed in a multicat environment, set up multiple feeding stations to ensure peaceful mealtime

Plant Eating

Some cats enjoy munching on plants and unfortunately almost all houseplants are toxic to one degree or another. Depending on the specific plant, the result can range from mild stomach irritation to lethal toxicity. Make sure any plants you have in your home are non-toxic and keep all plants out of your cat’s reach to prevent vomiting.