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Why Your Cats May Not be Getting Along

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Divide your attention equally among the cats. Even if you’re mad at one cat because you think he’s being a bully or you’re upset at the cat who peed on the carpet, don’t show favorites. Your attention and love are also cherished resources to your cats and they shouldn’t have to compete for those.

Vertical Territory

The more vertical territory you can create in the home, the better for everyone. A cat of higher status typically prefers to perch in the highest location. A timid cat may also choose an elevated spot for safety and for maximum visual warning time to see approaching opponents. If you don’t have vertical territory, cats may compete for the spot on top of your refrigerator or high atop the bookcase. Provide cat trees, window perches, and if possible, a few cat shelves to increase vertical territory. It’s a great way to increase the size of your feline environment without having to add onto your home. We live in a horizontal world but cats live in a multi-leveled vertical world. Just the addition of some safe cat shelving may lower the tension in your home by a significant amount.

When creating cat shelves, just make sure you create more than one escape route so no one ever feels trapped. Conflict happens when cats feel back in a corner with no way out. When it comes to a potential threat and the fight or flight response, cats would much prefer to get the heck out of there rather than do battle.


Address Potential  Cat Behavior Problems Right Away

If you notice even a hint of there being an issue between your cats, address it right away before it becomes a major stress trigger. Whether it’s a stare-down at the food bowl or one cat following the other to the litter box in order to intimidate, modify the environment so no one has to compete and modify your own behavior to create security and peace between all family members.


  1. We have 2 cats Gizmo is 12 and Buddy is 2 we rescued Buddy he has been with us for 1 year now.The problem is that he likes to jump on Gizmo and bite him to the point where Gizmo hisses at him. We know that Gizmo has accepted Buddy and he wants to play but Buddy always bites him. We treat them both the same we don’t favor. We don’t know why
    Buddy is like that could you help.

    Thank you

  2. I guess I am lucky, I have a 14 year old male and 13 year old female and they are great pals. The female watches him avd wants to know where he is most of the time. They fit the typical female and male stereotype. She is territorial about her territory, if I am cleaning her area. She wil watch and I better straighten it up! The guy is a typical guy, he doesn’t care Things being in order, just wants his food and a comfy place to ret!

  3. My cat is 12 years old he was 2 days when we found him he was orphan his name is ginger but as he grow up he was so mean to other people
    To everyone
    except us
    even the cats of nieghbors or stray cats male or female no difference
    We tried really hard for him we liked him to make friends but he never did my family think it’s because he didn’t see cats when he was a kitten now we found another orphan kitten his name is lucky we take care of him till he starts eating dry food then my friend will adopt him I love lucky very much of course ginger too but I don’t think they will get along ginger starts hissing when lucky gets close but he doesn’t​ care if he is at home and apparently if lucky gets older he will go near ginger and would like to play with him im scared ginger could kill him I really wanna know what we did wrong that ginger became so mean we never talk to him in harsh words or hurt him that he is behaves like this I would like to know bcuz I won’t like lucky to be same

  4. We have the same problem with our cat Boots. She doesn’t like people and will only go by certain people for a minute to rub on them. If someone tries to pet her, she hisses. We picked up a stray kitten, Milo and he loves to play. We are in the process of getting his shots and next week he will be old enough to get neutered. The problem is he bothers Boots. She hisses at him all of the time, and doesn’t want to play. At first he would leave her alone, now he will chase her if she isn’t sitting on the couch or sill. Twice she defecated on our couch and I think it’s because he was messing with her. Will they ever get along??