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Your Cat’s Litter Box: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

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If you’re completely unsure what type of litter your cat likes, set out a litter box buffet with a different brand in each box. Your cat will let you know which one is the winner.

6. Not Enough Litter in the Box

Although I’ve seen cat parents dump far too much litter in the box, what I see most often is a scant amount that barely covers the bottom. There needs to be enough litter in the box to absorb liquid and therefore absorb the odor. If the urine hits the bottom of the box and just sits there you end up with a stinky box and in addition to you not liking that, your cat will be very unhappy as well. About a three-inch layer of litter is a good starting point and then you can adjust up or down from there based on how things go with your individual cat.

7. A covered and Cramped Litter Box

Humans certainly know that cats pee and poop but many just don’t want to see it on display in the litter box so they buy covered boxes. Many cat parents also don’t like the floor or carpet around the box decorated with litter that has been kicked out over the sides so the get a covered box to keep everything contained. And finally, covered boxes hold the appeal of providing privacy. With all that said, a covered box has more negatives than positives. Most covered boxes are too small and most cats feel cramped in there. As a result, you may find half of your cat sticking out of the box entrance during elimination. If you’re lucky, the front end is the part sticking out and if you’re not so lucky, it’s the business end.

Photo: Fotolia

Photo: Fotolia

Covered boxes also don’t allow for efficient drying of the litter and although you may not be able to smell anything, your cat certainly will whenever he steps into the box. The covered box may also not get scooped as often as needed because it’s more inconvenient to remove the lid in order to clean it.